Lindy Creates is Born

 The internet is a wonderful resource and tool for learning. Before I started making paper flowers I researched. Read books, watched countless youtube videos and looked at even more images on pintrest and instagram. That’s how I like to learn something new. When I see something that inspires me I research. When I have Digested the theory and watched how somebody else does it, I then master it and put my own twist on it and make an idea my own. It’s often been said of me that I don’t like to just follow the instructions, I need to rewrite them!  However, after researching so much I was hooked. I just had to develop my own technique and style.This is how Lindy Creates was born, and my own style of creative paper flowers came to be.

   The first petal

   With so much information and so many ways of doing it, where should I start. The obvious starting point for me was the end point! Typically, I start at the end and work backwards. With so many variations producing very different results I had to decide on the result I was looking for. Many of the methods used produce very realistic reproductions and this I decided was my goal. My first petal was from a coffee filter. This technique appealed to me particularly as I previously owned a tea room for twenty years before starting on my new adventure. The coffee filter was coloured using food colouring which gave me an added sense of synchronicity. My old business lending support to my new business, it felt rather good.

     Exploring materials

 In addition to using coffee filters another technique I tried was using cup cake cases. This method also produced reasonable flowers, however I prefer the finish and the feel of the coffee filters. Cardstock produces many different effects. In Particular pearlised cardstock is often used for wedding backdrops and wedding bouquets. Vintage styles can be obtained using musical scores, ordnance survey maps or printed papers. The quality of materials available is impressive. The potential for creating unique and bespoke items is limitless. Crepe paper is available in so many different weights, with quality papers from Italy and Germany. Currently my favourite crepe is from Germany and is an extra fine grade. It feels and looks a little like velvet and is beautiful to work with.

  Inspiration All around

  Inspiration comes to me in very many ways. Nature is obviously a prime source, so to is fine decor, wall paper, wrapping paper, fabric and textiles. If I see an idea that inspires me, I often think “how can I do that, but differently” I like to make things my own and not just reproduce something somebody has already done. Having said that a Rose is a Rose, and I like my flowers to not just represent the flower I am portraying but to be an artistic yet believable reproduction. They may not be exactly as you would see in nature, indeed some are totally fictitous. However, I do want them all to look like they could exist in a world somewhere where beautiful flowers grow. All my flowers and foliage are hand crafted. Each petal and and each leaf is individually cut by hand and coloured or shaped before being assembled into the finished bloom.This means that no two blooms are exactly the same and as in nature each one is unique and individual.