My latest passion is for fluid art. This form of painting is new to me and I am totally in love with it. Because there are many ways of pouring paint, the possibilities are endless and some of the results exceptional.

Mixing it up

At the moment I am experimenting with different techniques and with different paint mediums. The thickness of the paint is key. Because I want to be able to manipulate the paint it needs to be fluid enough to move easily across the canvas. There are as many recipes for how much painting medium needs to be added to the paint as there are artists! I have watched many tutorials by several different artists, and found even more recipies for paint and paint medium ratios. There are also a number of facebook groups I have joined where we share our paintings and techniques. Its not often that a day goes by without somebody asking “what do you mix your paint with”, or “what is paint medium?” and the answers are always varied.

Often it is recommended that we experiment and get a feel for what gives the desired result .

Like baking a cake

Mixing the paint is exactly like baking a cake. Many people can follow the exact same recipe and end up with very different looking cakes. So too with paint and fluid art. I made cakes almost everyday for 20 years in my tea rooms and although I initially followed a recipe for a guide to the proportions, I never weighed the ingredients. The way the cake mixture felt was more important than using an exact amount of flour. This is exactly the same with my paint mixture. I know there are some rules and guidelines about too much water will make the paint unstable. However, if you dont experiment and find out how much water is too much water, how will you ever know!

Also, I am not known for following rules on how to do something.

Experiment and have fun

Art is fun, it is challenging and all about experimenting with different materials until you find the effect you want. Because paints will interact differently with other paints it is great fun to try different combinations. Although I have an idea of what I am aiming for when I start a piece of fluid art, the final result may be very different. More often than not I change my mind about what I am hoping to achieve long before it is finished. It is possible to choose the same colour combination and the same methodology and still achieve very different paintings.

The final result can not be guaranteed, there are two many variables. Its all about the process, how it feels and how it inspires me in the moment.