Falling Leaves of Gold

 Today has had a definite feel of Autumn, the air has changed, bringing a lovely fresh clean smell with it. I love autumn! This is my most favourite time of year its still bright and sunny but with a cooler feel to the morning sunlight. Soon nature will prepare for the the winter months and a time of rest. But first the trees and flowers in the garden will throw out a splendid display of golden colour.

 Being so inspired by this Autumnal feeling today, I found some fabric maple leaves I had been holding on to for quite some time. Just waiting for the right project to come along, I wanted to create something special. To do the colours  justice, the project had to ‘pack a punch’. knowing that the project would present itself at the right time, I held on to them and waited ……. I do believe that today was the right time and the Autumnal Wreath is the right project. I do hope you agree that the wreath has captured the golden glow of autumn.