A little bit about me

Hello, my name is Linda and I live in Cornwall with my husband. All my children are grown and making homes of their own. Just over 18 months ago I took a major decision to close the doors on a business I had run for 20 years.  It was a huge wrench and I had to take a little time to evaluate where I wanted to be and which direction my life would take.

   Close one door 

Crediton Station Tea Rooms,was a project I started in 1997. It was a derelict building when I leased the property from Network Rail. Over the 20 years, my business evolved. Initially it was more of a craft shop than a tea rooms. Gradually it became more of a tea rooms than a craft shop and then ultimately it became a community hub. It was a place where local groups met and exchanged skills and knowledge. It was a safe place for vulnerable adults living with dementia to socialise. The ‘Memory Cafe’ was an initative that I am particularly pleased to have initiated at the tea rooms. The Tea Rooms was also a good place to get a cup of tea, a bite to eat and a friendly welcome!

  Open a new one

Closing the door on a business I had put my heart and soul into made opening a new door just a little scary. It took me down a new path, which found me learning new skills, getting excited about possibilities and finding a passion for art. I have always enjoyed making things and love to learn new skills. When I was a teenager (quite a number of years ago, now) I enjoyed pencil drawing. I still have a couple of those drawings and one or two I still like.  However, I have very recently found a way of painting that suits me, and has inspired my creativeness. Fluid art and Paint pouring is not a style I knew much about. I came across it one day on a you tube channel and was immediately intrigued. I have been researching and experimenting with paint ever since. I am loving this new door I have opened. I have found I really enjoy making art, and there are people out there who like what I create, which is a bonus!

I know where ever this road takes me I will bring commitment, perseverance and passion with me. I am excited about this new venture and the begining of my new life.  I also know that this too will evolve, in fact it already has.


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