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Fluid Art – Paint Pouring

My latest passion is for fluid art. This form of painting is new to me and I am totally in love with it. Because there are many ways of pouring paint, the possibilities are endless and some of the results exceptional. Mixing it up At the moment I am experimenting with...

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Petal by Petal – Leaf by Leaf

Lindy Creates is Born  The internet is a wonderful resource and tool for learning. Before I started making paper flowers I researched. Read books, watched countless youtube videos and looked at even more images on pintrest and instagram. That's how I like to learn...

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Autumn is on its way

Falling Leaves of Gold  Today has had a definite feel of Autumn, the air has changed, bringing a lovely fresh clean smell with it. I love autumn! This is my most favourite time of year its still bright and sunny but with a cooler feel to the morning sunlight. Soon...

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This is what my customers have to say

“Stunning”     “beautiful”      “Creative”  “Truly Original”

Creative work always to a very high standard. Will also willingly give advice and guidance if asked as she believes that sharing is caring and that’s what binds crafters together. LInda Denner

Beautiful and stunning gifts Yolanda Davey

Love her work

Truly original work

Helena Mulvenna

Beautiful creations done to a very high standard. Love all their work and would gladly recommend to anyone. Especially love the Mandala’s. Sarah Wilson